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Welcome to Babies Three room!

What a nice surprise we had this morning! Miss Emma walked into our room caring a slide for our friends, everyone were so exited and they screamed “yeeeah”.  They all take turns on the slide having so much fun. They were very patient and waited for their turn. After we had a play we shared slide with our friends in Babies Two room, we give them a turn.

At the table Miss Jena organised laces play, where children were lacing and weaving through animals cards. Children were very interested and concentrated while they were doing lacing. Lacing activities help children develop fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, motor planning and visual perceptual skills. We will have this activity more often from now on.

After we pack away our room we went outside for a run in our big yard. Children enjoyed to climb on the obstacle course, pretend to do lawn moving pushing the lawn movers around. In one moment Abel yelled “ducky”, we all looked through the fence and we saw four little duckies and mummy duck walking around on the grass, they were over there for couple minutes and they flew away then children waved bye bye duckies. Then the horses were outside, one of them rolled on the ground and that makes all children laugh. After we said good bye to the horses we come back to our yard and played on the obstacle course, pushing bikes and trollies till we waited for our lunch, which we decided to have outside on our mats. Launch arrived and we enjoyed our picnic and delicious food. Now they all having a sleep and rest time to get more energy for afternoon play.

We had a great day!

Love Miss Bec and Miss Jelena xx