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Good afternoon Dear Families and Friends, Welcome to Babies Three room!

Our first play this morning was outdoors where children enjoyed to play with pushing bikes and pushing trollies, but as soon as they saw that sand pit is open on the other side of the yard they run to see what is over there. Millie and Orion seat on the mat where they played with coloured large lego blocks, sticking the blocks together they make small tower. While they played we talked about colours, Ruby come to join play with friends. Abel stand near and listen how we were talking about colours then he pointed on the large puzzle piece in the sand box saying “yellow” then he pointed on the green puzzle saying “green”, Millie pointed on the red puzzle and we said “red” then she pointed on the blue puzzle and we said “blue”. Time went quick and we went inside to have morning tea.

Now when our bellies are full we decided to play some music, we took our instruments and started to play. The children take turns on each instrument to explore each instrument sound. Millie and Ruby decided to lay down on the floor playing shakers, they were very comfortable laying down on the and play music. We heard laugh and giggle.

Ruby walked to the book corner took the book and seat, she started to turn the pages pointing on pictures of animals saying what she can see. Abel, Orion and Millie makes Ruby a company at the book corner choosing their books and enjoyed to turn the pages to see all this lovely pictures of animals. Orion spotted a puppy dog, Millie spotted donkey, then we make monkey noise and they all laughed.

After we finished we decided to go outdoors to explore our open space yard where we had so much fun yesterday. The children were so exited they run around and climb each of the obstacle course, learned about the shapes and colours.

After our good sleep and rest we will have more fun outdoors with other friends in the yard.

Love miss Jelena xx