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Hello families, welcome to Wednesday in babies 3,

Today we welcomed Isla, Winston, Parker, Olivia, Daris, Valencia, Matthew, and Bella with lots of cuddles and smiles as we all settled in for the morning.

We excitedly rushed into our room. Winston, Parker, Daris, Matthew and Olivia sat down by the car mat, placing the cars on the ramps, and watching as they rolled down. Winston was making the engine sound.” Vroom, Vroom”. We practiced taking turns and using our gentle hands. Parker was wearing the fireman’s outfit, off to put out fires in the doll house and calling on the telephone. Bella and Isla were cooking away and pretending to wash their hands in home corner while Valencia was in her favourite part of the room, the dolls corner, tucking the dolly into her bed. Daris soon joined in however he jumped into the dolls bed, giggling when Mel said your too big for the dolly bed.

Bella asked Mel for” sleeping bunnies” We love sleeping bunnies!! Laying down pretending to be asleep and jumping and hopping like bunnies, giggling, and sharing fun together. We then did the actions to “head, Shoulders, knees and toes” and Sleeping bunnies again. It was then time for morning tea.

Isla and Oliva sat for some time building towers and knocking them down again. Olivia would stack them, and Isla would knock them down. This turned into a fun game between the two as they shared giggles together each time the towers crashed down. Bella spent time demonstrating her fine motor stacking the discs on the spinning toy and watching as each disc spun around and around as it reached the bottom.

It was time to pack away all our toys to the “clean up” song, washing our hands and sitting down at the table to have big sips of water while we waited for Miss Otavia to serve up our yummy Triple cherry coconut jelly.

Mel had planned a sensory experience extending off Daris’s interest in dinosaurs 30/6/21. We have been loving exploring our dinosaurs in our room through play. Miss Otavia headed outside to set up a dinosaur experience in our sandpit, with leaves, grass, books about dinosaurs and of course lots of different dinosaurs to explore.

Wow Winston, Daris, Bella, Olivia, Matthew, Valencia, and Bella could not wait to jump in. Daris and Winston began roaring like dinosaurs, Matthew was making his dinosaur stomp up and down the ramp. Parker held her dinosaurs up to Mel so she could see and began stomping them through the sand.. Winston’s dinosaurs were stomping through the thick grass as he made the roaring sound;.

Isla is still getting used to the sand, not liking the touch and feel of it on her hands and feet. She explored the dinosaurs outside of the sandpit. We played some dinosaur songs over the speaker and Mel read the dinosaur book to her friends as they explored.

While outside we explored the yard. Parker played with the dolls, placing them in and out of the dolls chair. Parker also joined Olivia and did some climbing over the bridge. Valencia and Daris enjoyed mowing the lawn and sat quietly looking through some books in book corner. The hula hoops and slide were also very popular. Winston and Isla were playing peek a book with Miss Otavia through the pop-up tunnel, Winston crawled all the way through, Isla was a little unsure. Isla demonstrated her walking stills pushing the walker around the yard, she also took a few steps all on her own, so clever Isla!! Matthew spent all his time outside in the sandpit, if he wasn’t playing with the dinosaurs, he was feeling the sand through his fingers or using the shovel and digging up the sand. Bella also spent most of her time in the sandpit, scooping up the sand and placing it into a bucket.

It was already time to clean up and head back inside for our lunch. After washing our hands we all sat at the table together. Today we had Thai veggie balls and sesame noodle salad. Miss Mel closed the blinds and played some relaxing music as we drifted off to sleep.

Our afternoon play was child led exploring our outside environment. We just loved exploring the sandpit today so we will be doing more of that before it gets too cool and we head back inside for the afternoon.

Thank you for a fantastic day investigating, role playing, dancing together and exploring dinosaurs through sensory play.

We will see you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxxx