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Hello Dear Families and Friends! Welcome to Babies 3 room!

Our little friends enjoyed some free play of their choice. Augie, Eddie and Mathias choose to play in home corner with the pots and pans. Orion was investigating the doll house. Ruby loved our new hungry caterpillar mat and story book. Indi and Ari headed over to Toddlers for a transition day, where they had so much fun. Our friends painted monkey mask, we make brown colour paint from mixing red and green paint. Ruby make noise like monkey, saying “cheeky monkey” then Eddie yelled “monkey”. We all enjoyed to listen Christmas story in our new book corner that Miss Jena read it. Now our friends are having rest and sleep after yummy lunch. We really had a nice day full of new activities and toys to explore.

Love Miss Mell and Miss Jena xx