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Welcome Babies 3!

This morning Indi, Millie and Orion enjoyed reading “The very hungry Caterpillar” with Miss Jelena this morning in a small group time. They counted together all the fruits and foods the caterpillar ate. The children were so focused and engaged in this group activity this morning.

After having Morning Tea all the children asked us if we could go outside and play. Lara, Poppy and Indy grabbed their hats and waited at the door. Poppy asked Miss T’arn “we go outside?” Miss T’arn said of course and took the children outside. This is a good example of how the children can initiate their own play in the classroom. Miss T’arn filled our water trough container with water and soap and brought some of our classroom toys outside to wash. All the children were very excited to help and jumped straight in, washing all the toys. After we finished cleaning the toys we laid them in the sun to kill any left over germs that could still be on the toys.

All the children have been doing an amazing job with implementing consistent hygiene into their day. Miss Jelena and Miss T’arn have been reminding them how important it is to wash their hands to kill the germs. All the children know that after they go to the toilet or nappy change that we wash our hands. They walk straight to the sink and put soap on their hands! Also before eating. We are so happy to see babies 3 are doing so well with their hygiene!

With all the wonderful weather we have been having afternoon outside like a picnic. They really enjoy doing this!

Another beautiful day in Babies 3!

Miss Jelena and Miss T’arn x