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Good afternoon Dear Families and Friends

What a beautiful morning we had! We started day with delicious morning tea and as soon as we finished we run outdoors to enjoy sunny and warm weather, looks like Spring in knocking on our doors. The children run around and they found their favorite toys and activities, as a sand pit play, pushing the bikes and trollies around, climbed on all various obstacle courses and much more.

This week is a science week and we are doing some experiment every day where children are able to experiment to pour milk into plate and add couple drops of the food colour into the plate, then use dishwashing detergent on the cotton stick and then dab the stick in the middle of any colour drops and see a huge explosion of colours, when the cotton stick dipped in soap comes in the contact with the added food colour. All children enjoyed this experiment and we decided to have some more fun with shaving cream and paint brushes. We love it!

Now our friends are having rest and after we will have more fun. Thank you

Love from Miss Jena and Miss Talia