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Hello families, welcome to the first day of spring in babies’ 3,

Today we welcomed Winston, Isla, Matthew, Valencia, Parker, Olivia, Bella and Olive with lots of cuddles as they settled for the morning. Our morning began inside with toys of choice as it was very Smokey outside today.

The spinning toy was very popular today. Winston, Parker, Olivia, Olive, Isla and Valencia all practiced taking turns. Demonstrated their hand/eye coordination and concentration skills as they placed each coloured ring on top, watching each one spin around and around till it reached the bottom. Meanwhile Matthew was over building towers with the soft blocks, knocking them down and rebuilding them again.

Bella, using her imagination pretended a piece of the wooden rainbow was a telephone by holding it up to her ear. Bella began chatting to “mummy: she then passed the phone to Mel and Miss Otavia who told mummy what a fun morning Bella was having. Winston, Parker, and Olivia were engaged in play over at the dolls house. Winston was moving all the furniture around and was investigating one of the doll figurines, she was missing a foot. Winston looked up at Mel, pointing to her missing foot and said, “oh no!!” Mel said oh dear, that’s ok let’s sit her in a chair and Winston found a chair and placed the doll in it, he then placed the baby on the dolls lap. Home corner was also very popular, we loved using our imaginations in the kitchen and feeding the dolls. Parker and Olivia were working on the roof of the dolls house, taking it off and on. Olivia then began playing with he dolls table and chairs. Isla was pretending to sleep over in the dolls cradle, trying to lay on the pillow. Olive was loving the musical instrument, playing her own music with the xylophone. Bella and Parker spotted their reflections in the mirror and began laughing and pulling funny faces at themselves. Bella began dancing around and watching her reflection as she moved. Bella then asked for “sleeping bunnies”.

Mel played sleeping bunnies and Isla, Winston, Matthew, Olive, Olivia, Parker, and Valencia all joined Bella to do the actions. Parker asked for “more bunnies”. Its one of our babies favourite nursery rhymes to do all the actions to. We then danced to “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” We are so clever at pointing to each body part!! “Open, shut them” was next and then Mel put on a new one called “I love you, you love me” Bella, Parker and Olive loved this one, Bella continued singing it even one the song was finished. We always love dancing, sharing giggles and fun together.

It was time to pack away all our toys to the clean up song and transition to morning tea. Today we were having coconut strawberry delight and fresh fruit

After morning tea we all sat in book corner for group time, demonstrating amazing listening skills today, we love group time!!! Today Mel read a touch and feel book called “Playful pup” On the cover was a furry puppy, we were all intrigued so Mel gave everyone a feel of the fluffy fur before she began the story. This book was about opposites, teaching our babies the difference between big and small, dry, and wet, tall and short, over and under and up and down. We love looking at all the pictures too and feeling all the different textures along the way. From the fluffy puppies, the bumpy bones, and the smooth puppy noses.

After our story Mel asked her friends if they would like to sing Incy Wincy as that was a favourite last week during book week. Olive, Bella, Matthew, Parker, Winston, and Olivia all showed Mel their finger spiders and we began to sing together. We then sung Open shut them and did all the actions together. Isla then started saying “Row, row, row” so we all joined hands with a friend and did row row together. We had a surprise visit from Miss Gabi who also joined in, we giggled at Miss Gabi and blew kisses as she left, bye miss Gabi thanks for visiting us!!

Olive then requested “Wheels on the bus” Mel loved this idea and hopped up and began setting all our chairs in a line (just like a bus) our friends were very excited and quickly hopped on the bus with Isla as the driver!! Mel played the song over the speaker, and we all laughed and giggled as we did all the actions, the favourite was up and down!!! We loved jumping up out of our chairs!

Continuing our Father’s Day secret craft for our daddy’s / Granddad’s today.  We took turns with Miss Mel while our friends explored their outside environment. Shhh it’s a secret but we had so much fun making it and can’t wait to give it to our daddies on Friday.

While some of our friends were working on their Father’s Day surprise, we ventured outside for a short time to explore. Wow the sandpit was popular, we just loved digging and scooping up the sand, especially filling up the buckets.

It was time to clean up for lunch. We sat by the door with Miss Otavia for the bumble bee song to wash our hands where miss Cassie was waiting to assist us while washing our hands. We then walked over and sat down for our yummy lunch. Today we enjoyed  shepherd’s pie bites with cauliflower mash.

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led with outdoor experiences.

Thank you babies for wonderful Wednesday,

Apologies for no photos again, we are having trouble uploading. You will find them printed next to the daily program just outside our room to the left hand side. 

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxxxx