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Hello families, welcome to Wednesday in Babies 3,

Today we welcomed Winston, Isla, Parker, Olivia, Matthew, Valencia, Daris and Bella with lots of smiles and cuddles as they settled into their learning environment.

Heading into our room from Babies 2 there was lots of excitement. Olivia sat on the car mat and began pushing the cars around the mat and into the car garage, watching as the trucks and cars rolled down the ramps. On the mat Mel also had the sensory book called “what’s my truck?”. Winston is loving all things trucks, he often yell’s out “truck” when playing outside and one drives past.  He eagerly looked through the story, sliding the levers and flaps to see what was inside each of the trucks. He held the book up to show Mel. Isla and Daris were curious and joined their friend Winston looking through the book together.

Parker, Bella, and Olivia were engaged over with the farm animals. Set up on the grass was a cow a pig and a sheep. With matching shakeable animal sounds and farm animal puzzles.

Miss Mel sat with her friends and asked them to find the animal and the sound that animal makes, with Mel’s encouragement Bella picked up the cow and the correct animal sound, as Bella shook the cow said moo and so did Bella. Olivia also found the cow and the correct sound. Parker matched the toy pig with the pig in the puzzle and then looked through the animal book pointing at the pig. Daris joined his friends and began saying “Baaa” when he picked up the sheep. We then looked through the animal book together. Parker and Winston then headed over to home corner, Parker began feeding the baby in the highchair and Winston was helping himself to some salad. Olivia joined in too, washing the fruit and vegies. Daris and Parker also spent time in home corner however cooking turned into mirror play, looking at their reflections, smiling and pulling faces to one another. Our friends are really enjoyed dressing up. Today Olivia was a fireman putting out fires and Winston opened the Drs medical bag and began putting the stethoscope on and up to his ears. Mel assisted Winston with the blood pressure band, wrapping it around his arm.

It was time for some quiet time in home corner, Winston pointed to the puppy dog book then sat up on the big chair to read it. His friends Daris, Parker and Isla also found a book they liked and sat down on the mat looking through the pages.

Bella asked miss Otavia for Baby shark, we all did the actions together plus a few of our own moves, sharing joy and laughter with our friends. Parker then requested “Bunnies!!”. We all laid down like sleeping bunnies ready to wake up and hop just like the bunny rabbits.

Isla spent time demonstrating her fine motor and concentration skills pressing down the levers on the pop up toy, Isla attempted to pop them back up again with Mel’s encouragement. On the other side of the room Bella and Daris were placing the rings on top of the ring stacker and Winston was building a tower with the colourful stacking blocks. Olivia joined her friends and pulled the block wagon our of the shelf and began building a tower. Winston thought it was funny to knock Olivia’s tower down. Daris, Olivia and Parker also had a turn building towers using the stacking blocks,

It was time to pack away all our toys to the “clean up” song before washing our hands and sitting down at the table together for morning tea. This morning was triple berry coconut jelly and fresh fruit.

While our friends were enjoying their morning tea Miss Mel set up a sensory bug activity outside. Extending from yesterday’s Bugkidz incursion as our little friends enjoyed the show which included investigating real-life insects.

.Mel filled the tray up with toy bugs, rice, sand, leaves, magnifying glasses and scoops. Matthew, Valencia, Bella, Isla, Daris, Olivia, Winston and Parker raced outside, curious to see what was in the tray. Matthew picked up a few of the insects carefully studying them. They were all different textures. Daris was pulling at the legs of one, it was stretchy. Valencia was more interested in scooping up the rice at first however later Valencia used the magnifying glass to have a much closer look.  Parker, Olivia and Winston were unsure at first, thinking they were real as some of them were a little life like. With encouragement from miss Otavia they soon began investigating all the different bugs, holding them up close. Isla loved the sensory experience and was engaged in play for some time. Bella pulled the bugs out of the tray and onto the grass.

After the activity finished, we explored our outside environment. Olivia and parker chased each other over to the slide, taking turns to go up and down. Winston rocked back and forth on the see saw. Daris enjoyed kicking the green ball around the yard and Matthew was mowing the lawn. Olivia and Parker were playing beautifully together and later hopped on a see saw each and giggled as they played together. Valencia was on the bike and Bella was playing with the sensory board on the front of the walker. Isla was placing the doll in and out of the bassinette in the dolls corner. Later we opened up the tunnel. Matthew, Parker, Winston, Daris and Valencia took turns crawling through and playing peek a boo with one another at the other end.

Miss Otavia brought over the balance beam and placed in over the top of the closed sandpit with the soft fall mattresses. Wow did we love climbing!! Up and over we went, carefully walking across demonstrating and practicing our balancing skills. It was so much fun.

Transitioning to lunch we all washed our hands and sat at the table for group time. Today we sang a few of our favourite nursery rhymes including “Open shut them”, “Twinkle, twinkle” and “Little green frog”. We all did the actions together and cheered at the end of each song. Our favourite part is blowing the kiss at the end of “Open shut them”.

Lunch today was Vegie balls and sesame chicken noodle salad. After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led in our outside environment. Back to the balance beam!!

Thank you for a lovely Wednesday babies,

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia xxxxx