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Welcome to Babies three room!

Our beautiful day started this morning in a Babies two room were we had free play with our friends. After we moved to Babies three room, we enjoyed our delicious morning tea. It was really nice to see how children love to eat their fruit and cereal feeding them selves.

At our group time we learned about Autumn, we have Autumn program displayed on the wall including Autumn leaf’s in five different colours. While we were talking about leaf’s I pointed on each leaf’s and said the colour and children tried to say each colour. Millie, Indi and Orion used the painting brushes to paint Autumn on the piece of paper by using three different colours, their art looks amazing, they did very well. They also did the same art on our floor book which is displayed on the wall.

Outdoor play all children shared with their friends from Babies one room, they were riding bikes, pushing the trolleys, playing on the see-saw, waving to the passing cars and trucks and just enjoying to be outside.

In the afternoon we will read the books and sing some songs!

Love Miss Jelena!