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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we were so excited to come into our room with some brand new toys! In the room set up we are continuing with our animals theme as all our friends are very interested. On a table we had a dinosaur setup, on the mat we had a safari set up, in one of our shelves we had a sea animal setup and on the wall we have our insects. On the other table we had set out a magnetic fishing activity, it was great to see everyone have a go though it was quite difficult. Also had our wooden blocks with coloured windows, cars, puzzles, books and babies with their brand new clothes. We loved to dress our babies today.

Then we had morning tea. Today we had fruit and custard tart.

After morning tea we went outside to explore in the warm sun. We always love our sandpit play, digging with the shovels and pushing the trucks. Abel and Millie loved the wheel burrows and bikes, Indi enjoyed the Rhino sea saws and Orion had fun making sandcastles. We ventured out to the big yard for a big fun and play on the obstacles.

Then we went inside to find a new set up station with a shop and lots of food and drink items. Continuing on from our kitchen set up extending with where we get the food from. It was lovely to see everyone taking interest in the food items. We also had a threading activity, wooden shapes of animals and other items. With a piece of string the children tried to thread it through the holes along the outside. They surprised us with how well they did, lots of concentration and patience was shown.

We then had lunch before a big rest. This afternoon we will have an indoor outdoor free choice play.

Thankyou babies 3 for a beautiful day.

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia