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Good afternoon everyone.

Welcome to our beautiful room. Miss.Hansani and Miss.Otavia welcomed Daris, Winston, Nash, Luna and Olivia in the morning with big cuddles. We started our day exploring outdoor activities with some fresh air and with beautiful sunlight to kickstart our day. Children were so excited to walk and crawl around the yard and find their favourite toys and activities.

Then we headed to our room and enjoyed yummy fruits for the morning tea. Then all the children chose to explore indoor activities and practice some fine motor skills. Children have been choosing to play with interlock soft blocks and stacking some rings to demonstrate their skills today.

Then we ventured off to the next activity which was free painting with yellow and blue colour. We let the children to use paint brush or hands to do their own painting. The reason we chose those colours is to extend the activities we did during the week about sea and sea animals. We also used sand to put on the paint to make it looks like a beach. They loved the experience as it was not only a painting but also a sensory activity.

Well done babies one. It has been such a beautiful day.

Have a lovely weekend..

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Otavia