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Today as we welcomed Presley, Shayyan, Indiana, Franka and Bentley with a lot of cuddles, and giggles to start off our Great FriYaY.

Today we have enjoyed engaging with the children for some one on one time or even observing as they express their individual milestone, and their endeavour to further their knowledge and understanding of their own Individual goals and                                                 Because it is such a nice day outside the children have had the opportunity to have the doors latched back to have an inside/outside day had a lot of fun exploring and finding our favourite activities enjoying the freedom to explore the classroom and move their bodies to find activities of interest. Inside this morning the children have utilised some of the connector blocks borrowed from our friends in Toddlers one, clapping them together to make lots of sounds while educators sang with us to an array of different songs, all while expressing their excitement with BIG smiles, and vocalising with Laughter, it is great to see that this week the children have been so engaged in making sounds with an array of different items within the room or on the verandah, next week we will continue on making more noises and sounds with more items. We can not wait so see what next week brings us.

Franka today has enjoyed playing with the Dollies, rocking them side to side all while patting the dollies and vocalising the sound “shush” all happily while walking around the room mimicking educators and smiling for the camera once she sees us taking a photo.

To all our Mummies we wish you a Very Happy Mothers Day for Sunday

Have a great weekend!

♥ Much Love, Miss Shae, Miss Lara ♥