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We have had an Amazing day in our babies one room today as we welcomed Back Miss Otavia back to our babies’ room!! We are so excited to have her back in the room with us, the children thoroughly missed her in the room expressing their excitement once she came into the room with happy smiles, loads of cuddles and affection.

Today Jordan, Indiana, Fletcher, Franka and Presley had an amazing day full of bonding with educators, reading an array of books like “that’s not my Unicorn, and Dino’s busy books and Reach for the moon on the cushions, threading beads through the maze on the green mat, enhancing our individual milestones eg walking, crawling and sitting up.

While our other friends sleep Jordan enjoyed his one-on-one time, with educators which was reading stories such as Home, Food and Letters. Jordan also enjoyed making different sounds with the musical instruments.

Once Presley, Indiana, Fletcher and Franka all woke up from their morning nap they had enjoyed some yummy lunch which was pasta and vegetables, which was delicious for their tummies! They each had a wonder around the room when finding puzzles, soft animals, soft babies and cars. They loved interacting which one another and building on friendships throughout the day.

This afternoon we hope to explore the yard, and building our fine motor skill while we play with balls, climb the jungle gym and walk the walkers.

♥ Much Love, Miss Shae and Miss Otavia ♥