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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies one. We had such an amazing day in babies one today. We welcomed Olivia, Olive, Cleo, Peyton, Oskar and Winston in the morning. We spent most of the day exploring indoor activities today. After we changing nappies we washed our hands and sat down for the morning tea. Most of our little babies are so excited to grab the chairs from the shelf and push it close to the table when I say ‘’ let’s have morning tea’. we are currently practicing our self-help skills during the mealtime and as the educators we see that they are slowly developing their self-help skills.

Before the lunch time, Miss.Otavia sat with the kids to do some art works today. Winston, Cleo, Oscar and Olivia had their turn to do ice cube painting and feather painting as we don’t want anyone to miss the artwork that we’ve planned for the week.

In the afternoon, we encourage children to do some animal puzzles and play with their friends as a group.

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Otavia