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Good afternoon for all our beautiful families

Children started the day playing outside with their friends from next door exploring the babies one yard. They loved to walk and crawl around the yard while having some fresh air. Then we enjoyed morning tea while we were sitting at the table nicely.

After the busy play in the morning, we spent most of the day exploring indoor activities such as story time, stacking rings, looking at the mirrors and singing some songs. We also explored the discovery basket as some of our kids missed this opportunity in the other day.

Today is “ Large Shirt Day” so we celebrated wearing bright colourful shirts across the centre today. Then Miss.Hansani cut some paper shirts and let the children to colour it using yellow and red colours. We had so much fun colouring these little paper shirts.

We had such a beautiful day in babies one today. Daris, Shayaan, Nash, Bella, Winston and Oskar had so much fun with Miss Otavia and Miss.Hansani….

Just few reminders…

  • Next week is the Halloween week and we are having a party on Tuesday in babies one. We put up an invitation on the babies room window for all the families. If Tuesday isn’t your child’s day we would love you all dressed up any other day and we will be doing some activities during the week.
  • Please put the child’s name on their belonging so it will be helpful for  the other educators who work here sometimes.
  • There are two baskets on the front desk with some lost and found sheets and bottles from last week. Please collect if any of these yours. Sorry for any inconveniences.


Thank you… Have a lovely weekend