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We have had quite a busy day in our Babies One room today!!

Our friends Bentley, Zelia, Grayson, Shayyan, Jordan,Indiana, Presley, and Oliver today enjoyed having some one on one time with educators reading books forming bonds and relationships with all  our educators, as well as  threading toys on the activity centre, looking at ourselves in the mirrors, banging on the xylophones and exploring our surroundings indoors.

.Outside on our verandah Bentley, Jordan and Oliver were so happy and content laying outside and enjoyed having lunch out in the fresh air. We enjoyed seeing our Toddler friends outside who came to the fence to talk to us and help us pop bubbles as well as our friend from babies two and three came to visit us and play with us climbing  up on the wooden structures, sitting on the green see saw, and enhancing our upper body strength and our walking skills with the walking frames. The children get so intrigued being outside and seeing the big kids through the fence who love to come chat and play with the babies.

Thank you all for a wonderful day!! We look forward to more fun activities tomorrow!

♥ Much Love, Miss Shae and Miss Lara ♥