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Good afternoon families…

Happy Monday… welcome to babies one for another beautiful week. Charlie, Parker, Luna and Olive spent their beautiful day with Miss.Hansani today. Olive spent his day in babies three today. Hope you enjoyed your day in babies three with your friends Olive. children enjoyed playing in babies three in the morning exploring indoor activities such as dinosaur play, sea animals, pushing cars and trucks, playing with dolls and playing in the home corner.

After that we decided to explore some outdoor activities in babies two yard as it was nice and sunny outside. Children were so excited to explore outdoor yard and engage with some activities. Charlie enjoyed climbing on the wood ladder with her friends while Parker and Olive playing with the soft blocks.

Later, we headed to our room to get ready for the lunch. We washed our hands and sat around the table to enjoy morning tea. All our babies demonstrated their self-help skills during the morning teatime by using spoons to eat yoghurt. I’m so proud of you.

After that, Luna enjoyed some quite time with Miss.Hansani reading some books (touch and feel sensory book) and singing some songs (Hickory Dickory) while everyone else were sleeping.

This week we will be doing activities related to the sea. So today, Miss.Hansani created a little sensory sea using blue jelly, nutri grains, seashells and sea animals. It was so much fun as it was so colourful and there were many textures. They couldn’t wait to explore this experience as it was new and fun. They loved to touch, feel and squeeze every single material we used to create this experience. This went really well as all the babies enjoyed it and successfully engaged.

Have a good day..

Much Love from Miss.Hansani ….