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Good Afternoon all families,

Today was an interesting day for babies one. Daris and Olive turned one this week and Happy Birthday Daris and Olive!!  hope you had an amazing birthday.

While waiting for all our friends to arrive we had been played with our friends in babies 2 and 3. We had all been playing outside pushing trucks, trolleys and playing in the sand pit before coming inside.

When it was time to come inside, we all washed our hands and sat at the table ready for morning tea. We all ate our yummy morning tea so we could gain some energy and explore more of the outside environment. While exploring outside Miss Jess had some goop for us all to play with. it was fun! But also felt funky. This allowed children to use their sensory skills while participating in this activity. While running around outside we had felt some rain drops on us, so it was time to go inside before we all got rained on.

While inside we explored home coroner and singing song such as; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Five Little Ducks, A B C and Wheels on The Bus. Before we had some lunch, Miss Hansani had brough out some dried pasta and rice that was multi coloured for us all to enjoy. We all got our hands into it and enjoyed the different colours and textures of the rice and pasta. All children loved the rice and pasta as again they were using sensory skills and gaining a wider understand of the variety of textures that were available for them to enjoy.

All children have enjoyed the sensory activities that have been made as it encourages children to extend on they’re leaning and deployment.

We’ve enjoyed some cupcakes for afternoon tea from Daris to celebrate his birthday with his friends in babies one today…It has been amazing Wednesday… We wanted to share some photos with Halloween decorations with all our families, so i’ve attached some photos from Babies one!!!

much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess