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Good Afternoon all families,

While we had been waiting for all our lovely friends to arrive, we were exploring the outside environment. Whilst outside were had been playing on the jungle gym and exploring the books that were available to read. Also ridding the bikes and greeting our friends once they arrived.

Once it was time to come inside, we had some delicious morning tea which we all enjoyed and started to learn how to use a spoon whilst eating. We all gave it a go! Then it was time to start on our activities and have some free play inside.

We all played with the fun goop that Miss Jess had provided for us all. The texture was slimy and weird. We had seen some skeletons and bats in the goop for us all to spot out. This allowed us to use our sensory skills when feeling the texture of it. We also did some free Halloween painting with green, orange, and red colours. We loved the painting. It was a cold feeling on our fingers. It made us giggle and smile while feeling the paint.

We all explored free play inside as well. Exploring home corner, puzzles, balls and playing with the dress ups whilst in the room today. but the best part of today was… MAKING CUPCAKES!!

We made some yummy cupcakes for both Daris and Olive as their birthdays had just pasted. We will be enjoying these delicious cupcakes at afternoon teatime.

After we have eaten our tasty afternoon tea it will be time to adventure outside and run around for the afternoon. It has been a fun and exciting Thursday… We wanted to share some photos with some of the Babies dressed up for Halloween and us enjoying making the cupcakes; so I’ve attached some photos from Babies one!!!

Much love from Miss Jess and Miss Otavia