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Good afternoon Babies One families

Today in our Babies One room we welcomed Jordan, Matilda, Zélia, Larsson, Bentley, Grayson and Oliver. We were greeted by Miss Shae then Miss Narni. This Morning was raining so we had fun playing in our inside environment.

Larsson, Oliver and Zélia enjoyed exploring books, whilst Bentley, Grayson and Matilda enjoyed listening to the Music and expressing themselves to the fast and slow beats of the music. A wide variety of songs chants and rhymes were played including “Sing a Rainbow”, “I Love you” and much more.

Our transition to Group time was so much fun, Larsson had fun exploring the Piccolo with Miss Narni listening to the calming sounds and feeling the different textures of the black wood and gold brass. the children had fun Pressing the notes on the Piccolo whilst Miss Narni blew into the Mouthpiece to create a note/sound.  At Group time our friends actively to the book “Reach for the Moon”.

The children expressed ideas and made meaning about the colours of a rainbow through collage. The children’s main focus colour today was purple, so our friend used purple cellophane, a paint brush and some cellophane with a little help from educators to create the first colour of our large group artwork masterpiece.

With warm hugs Narni and Shae xox