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Hello all and Happy Friday to you all

Today we welcomed Bently, Indiana and Shayaan to babies one. We started our day today inside as it was raining! Our babies loved exploring the room with all the different toys set up.

Bentley enjoyed having one on one time reading the book on the cushions as our friends sleep, strenghtening  our core muscles with tummy time looking in the mirrors and laughing, having visits from our big sister Isabelle and grasping the pastel as we drew onto the white paper smiling.

Indiana today loved to reach high up onto  the shelves to reach an array of different things and smile when she caught eyes of educators laughing as she sat down to play with the item, dancing to the music playing on the speaker, using her imagination to create a wonderful piece of art with the pastels and building a large tower of blocks with educators to push them down again.

Shayaan today loved making noise with an array of different musical instruments and cups found on the ground to bang together and laugh loudly, as we laugh and sing songs. as our friend slept we enjoyed cuddles and quiet books with educators tapping the book as educator calls out the differnt images.

We hope you have a beautiful long weekend, see you on Tuesday.

Love from Miss Shae