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Welcome to babies one

Happy Wednesday to all our babies one families. Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly welcomed Parker, Olivia, Charlie, Daris and Oliver with big cuddles in the morning. We started our morning playing in babies three room until we separate. Charlie, Parker and Olivia explored some indoor activities such as playing in the home corner with all these kitchen stuffs, vegetables and dolls, playing with the sea animals, dinosaurs, wild animals and pushing tucks.

After the busy play inside, children have been choosing to play outside to develop and demonstrate their gross motor skills. So, we put our hats on and focused on doing some more climbing on the climbing beam and on the soft blocks. This went really well as our little ones always looking for demonstrate their strength through play.

Children enjoyed having some yummy yoghurt with strawberries and bananas for morning tea and lot of veggies and frittatas for lunch. We have been practicing using spoons and folks for mealtimes to develop our babies self-help skills.

Today we have been focusing on gross motor skills, fine motor skills and some more reading and singing during the quite time. So,Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly spent more one on one time with our kids reading books while sitting in the book corner.

After the lunch time we went back to the outdoor yard to explore some more outdoor activities. Children had so much fun spending more time outside today.

Overall, we had such a nice day exploring all the indoor and outdoor activities providing them opportunities to fulfill their needs.

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly