Goods afternoon families

Welcome to babies one. It’s Valencia’s first day in babies one today. Welcome to the Babies one Valencia. Today we had such a beautiful day in babies one with Valencia, Cleo, Bella, Daris, Nash, Winston and Shayaan.

We started our day playing in babies two yard with some of the friends from next door. We have practiced some physical skills and gross motor skills engaging with outdoor experiences. In the morning, some of our babies took their annual photo and enjoyed our morning tea after. Then we continued playing outside a little bit and came inside as it’s getting really hot outside.

As we have been exploring more and more sensory activities, today we decided to redo some experiences that we did during the last few days. So we explored the sensory play that we did yesterday with paint. Kids loved to mix the colours moving their fingers on the cling wrap. We could see the colours are mixing together under the cling wrap. We also played with the sensory bags we made with lentils, rice, sago and mung beans.

Most of the day we allowed our children to choose activities as their interest. Self-selecting is an important part for this age as they need to feel free to explore their world.

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess