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Good afternoon to all our amazing families

Happy Friday. Today we welcomed Bella Rose and Shayaan to the beautiful babies one room. They had such a great day in babies one with their friends, Peyton, Daris, Nash and Winston. Bella and Shayaan were so settled in the room and enjoyed the activities we provided. Hope you will have more fun with your new friends.

We started our day playing outside as usual with their friends from next door. It was so nice to see that they build up relationships with other babies and educators. Children enjoyed walking around the yard while having some fresh air and engage with some activities such as climbing on the soft blocks and on the beams, playing in the sand pit, filling sand into the trucks, pushing trucks around the yard and play with the dolls in the area with mats and pillows.

After exploring outside, we enjoyed our yummy morning tea to gain some energy to kick start for the rest of the day. Later, children have been choosing to spend some more time exploring indoor activities until lunch time. Daris and Winston were so happy to read some books while they were sitting on the book area with Miss.Lilly. Bella loved spending time in the home corner exploring all the stuffs we have such as fruits, the oven and the other kind of food. Nash and Shayaan loved seeing each other laying on the floor and playing with the sensory bottles.

After lunch time, we kept open the doors and allowed our children to choose their favourite activities as their interest. Peyton and Bella chose to explore outdoor activities while Daris and Winston were playing inside with the new toys Miss.Emma brought in for our babies. Peyton loves dolls and loved to have a nice time sitting on the mat under the shades. Shayaan and Nash had such a nice time outside with Miss.Otavia singing some songs and exploring some sensory toys. They enjoyed touching different textures and seeing different colours while playing.

It has been such an amazing day as we spent some quality time with our babies exploring both indoor and outdoor experiences during the day.

Have a lovely day..

Much Love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly…