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Friday 10th January 2020.


Happy Friday families.

This Friday we welcomed our wonderful friends Alfie, Emmett, Edward, Abel, Orion, Isabella, Ruby and Scarlett.

As another week comes to an end we decided to start our beautiful Friday of outside playing with some balls and bubbles our favourites.

Then we came inside for some new toys which our beautiful friend Alfie loved and he enjoyed his wonderful friends Abel and Emmett and Orion came to help him play. Then Isabella decided she wanted a turn and our friends once again gathered around to laugh and giggle as she jumped and laughed and squealed with excitement.

We enjoyed listening to music and dancing to the sounds which all our friends enjoyed moving and grooving along with us.

Everyone enjoyed our yummy lunch provided for us all were happy and giggling as they ate with some saying “mmm” and “yummmm” which was really good to see them all enjoying beautiful fresh and healthy foods.


Thank you for an amazing week and we cannot wait to see everyone next week.

Much Love Miss Amanda & Miss Tania xxx