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Happy Friday to our beautiful babies and their families.

Today we welcomed Emmett, Scarlett, Rosie, Peyton, Bella, Edward and Alfie and what a wonderful Friday it was with all of our amazing babies who are all so settled and happy with the lovely safe environment we have created.

Its so lovely to see our babies one group interacting nicely with each other and trying our new toys and experiences as well as enjoying a variety of foods and loving sleep times.

Today Miss Tania decided to sing to the babies during morning tea which they loved hearing wheels on the bus and five little ducks it made for a very smiley morning tea. We then had some bubbles which are our absolute favourite in this room all our babies were mesmerised by the bubbles and how their fingertips could pop them and make their hands wet. It was a very enjoyable experience for the children.

Then for afternoon tea we had jelly which our children absolutely loved and they loved mushing the jelly in their fingers and watching it turn from a jelly to a liquid in their hands it was a messy afternoon tea but one much loved.

We cant wait to see you all back next week with Miss Kate back from her holiday.


Much Love Miss Tania and Miss Amanda xxx