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Today in Babies One, we welcomed Jordan, Fletcher, Shayaan, and Bentley into our yard. After heading inside, we sat down for some yummy morning tea together before heading back outside to do some climbing, read some books in our quiet area and dance along to some music. Fletcher and Shayaan were great helpers today, helping Miss T’arn with cleaning our outdoor equipment. Shayaan and Fletcher were using a wipe to help wipe the outdoor box with Miss T’arn. They observed what she was doing before imitating her actions with the wipe. Bentley was happy looking through the books quietly on the mat and talking to himself as he looked at the pictures. Today was a beautiful day filled with lots of one-to-one moments building those strong attachments. Fletcher was full of dance moves bouncing up and down while doing Row Row your boat with Miss T’arn. Jordan had a BIG morning sleep and had some fun exploring outside with Miss T’arn after lunch. Jordan loves to pull himself up on things and has been learning how to get down by himself. He got down on his own today and he was so proud of himself, Miss T’arn clapped and cheered for him! Well done, Jordan!! Bentley has also been trying to pull himself up to his feet but hasn’t quite been able to get. He can get to his knees so far but is very persistent to get there. It won’t be long! I look forward to seeing how much we will continue to achieve next week!!

♥ Much Love Always, Miss T’arn ♥