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Friday 20th March 2020.

It’s Friday and what a beautiful sunny Friday it was. This morning we spent lots of time outside with all our friends which was such a lovely way to spend our morning frolicking in the sunshine. We spent our morning riding bikes, pushing the walk along mowers, in the sandpit and playing with the balls.

We came inside for some morning tea and to practice our acknowledgement of country which goes with our morning routine. We continued with our harmony day theme this week doing some more handprints for our window display which is coming along just nicely and adds such a beautiful display to our front entrance. We are continuing with as much indoor/outdoor play as possible and the children are really responding well to it and are enjoying being able to go outside in the fresh air but also come inside when they wish. We did some more of our Easter crafts today getting all prepared for the Easter bunny to arrive 😊

Scarlett and Rosie are absolutely loving being outside lots today, both children really enjoyed playing with the dolls and the babies outside. Miller, Edward and Alfie were all so happy to be out there sitting watching the leaves fall and the cars goes past. Edward really enjoyed some of our musical toys outside this afternoon. Scarlett enjoyed the textured matts & Alfie really enjoyed his favourite musical jumper outside in the fresh air.

Thank you for another wonderful week here in babies one. Can not wait to see you all next week.

Much love Miss Kate & Miss Amanda.