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Today we welcomed 6 of our beautiful friends today with Ava, Miller, Bella, Edward, Alfie and Scarlett today.

We Started our morning off with doing our acknowledgement of country which all of the children are responding well to. This can also be found on our wall beside the family tree if you wish to do this at home also. We had a wonderful day today with lots of indoor/outdoor play with the kids loving the textured matts outside. We enjoyed bubbles in the room where children practiced more of their hand eye co-ordination. We enjoyed some free drawing with crayons on the floor today which the children loved to show off their pencil grip skills.

Scarlett enjoyed really loves the musical table and you will often find her at the table throughout the day pressing each button with a huge smile on her face. Scarlett loved feeding herself lunch and really enjoyed her vegetables today. Scarlett loved bubbles again today they seem to be a favourite of hers producing lots of smiles and laughter as she engaged with her new friend Ava.

Edward enjoyed some free drawing this morning with a few of his friends this morning which he really enjoyed. Edward loves going outside especially when the sandpit is uncovered as that is his favourite place to make a bee line for.

Ava enjoyed exploring our wonderful outdoor area today with the baby dolls. Ava loved lunch time giving us huge smiles and lots of laughs while feeding herself, she especially loved the vegetables and the cheese. Ava was very intrigued and happy with bubbles today, She enjoyed popping them and watching them fall, this helped her engage and make friends with Scarlett which was lovely to see.

 Miller loves exploring outside and feeling all the different textured matts outside and she’s getting much better with the feeling of the Astroturf on her hands and knees which is great to see. Miller loved her lunch today and we have nicknamed her the broccoli queen as she wanted more and more of it.

loved the sandpit, using spades to scoop the sand into the buckets but mostly pouring it all over herself and loving it. Bella has made a new friend in Ava today with the two of them following each other around and playing together at the musical table which was lovely to see.

Alfie arrived a little bit later today but just in time for his favourite time of the day, lunch time. Alfie loved his lunch today eating 2 bowls of vegetables as well as feeding himself lots of vegetables and friatta. Alfie is starting to try and talk a lot more which is great to see so we encouraged him to do more of this throughout the day