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Good Afternoon and Happy Friday to you all

This morning Larsson, Zelia, Jordan and Fletcher were welcomed with a big ‘Good Morning!’ from Miss Hansani, Miss Mel and Miss Tatiane as they played in the babies two room along with babies two and babies three. When Miss Crystal arrived, we headed off to our room to start our morning routine. As we were getting settled into our room, Miss Shae arrived, and we were so excited to see her! Shayaan, Kyla and Bentley arrived not long after and shared a snuggle with Miss Crystal and Miss Shae.  We began the nappy, bottle, and bed routine and while some friends went down to sleep others enjoyed their morning tea.

Outside we did group time, using the finger puppets once again and singing ‘Old Macdonald Had a Farm’ and ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’. Singing songs and incorporating the finger puppets has been a fun way to meet the interests of our children. It is also a great way for us to encourage physical movement and learn how our bodies move through dancing. The songs we were singing is beginning to develop our friend’s cognitive development as it is introducing counting and animals. We love singing and dancing and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the songs with the finger puppets. For our transitions to mealtimes today we sung Bee Bee Bumble Bee to continue with our learning and recognition of not only our own names but our body parts too.

Today we have enjoyed exploring indoors and outdoors in our own time. Inside Larsson had found himself with the musical instruments, in particular the large bell xylophone. He sat next to Miss Crystal and would hit the bell xylophone, moving his body and dancing along with the music we also had playing. He would look up at Miss Crystal with a big smile on his face and clap, acknowledging his musical playing abilities. Fletcher, meanwhile, had found our new stacking square toy. It is a large wooden one that not only is developing their cognitive skills as it promotes opportunity for problem solving but it also is a great resource for enhancing their gross motor skills as they move items from one location to another. Fletcher was concentrated on the stacking ring for some time and seemed to enjoy the solitude of exploring it on his own. When Zelia woke up from her morning sleep, she had found herself in our quiet area with the books, on the mat we had some new fabric books that encouraged exploration of the senses as you flip through the pages and there are different textures and sounds. Zelia has shown a high interest in the book recently, so these new ones were a large hit. While we were outside, Miss Crystal had a science activity set up for us to explore to finish the week off for Science Week. The learning space had a slime which was made of psyllium husk, water and food colouring, we placed this in a container and continuing with yesterday’s learning and interest in the dinosaurs we placed them in the container as well to create a small world.  Jordan and Shayaan showed eagerness to get in and play. They both picked up the slime and using both hands they would pull it apart and laugh as it would stretch. They both sharedgiggles and smiles as they played with the slime and the dinosaurs. This learning activity was great for fine motor and sensory development. Kyla sat in the bumbo as she is displaying a want to sit up, she too explored with the slime, her hands would often graze over the top of it and she would look at it.

With having the doors open all the day the children have been happier and more engaged in activities initiated by the children and by educators

As the afternoon sets in, we will enjoy some more outdoor play before moving indoors as it cools down

We hope you all have a Wonderful weekend and we can not wait to see you all Next week in your Book week attire

Love Miss Shae and Miss Crystal