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Good afternoon family and friends,

What a beautiful day we have shared here in the Babies One room today. We did some exploration with a sensory activity and enjoyed just being outdoors in the beautiful weather.

This morning we welcomed Jordan, Fletcher, Franka, Bentley and Dorijan. We enjoyed some free play inside the classroom while a couple of our friends had their first sleep of the day. We came together on the mat and sang a couple of songs for group time, such as ‘open, shut them’ and ‘twinkle twinkle little star’. All of our friends love dancing along and do a great job at moving their bodies to try and mimic the dance moves Miss Crystal was doing. We then moved onto morning tea where we enjoyed a delicious apple, chia and date pancakes with banana. Our friends are encouraged to self feed and they have been doing such a great job, this helps them to build their hand-eye coordination and encourages independence and making decisions.

After morning tea we moved onto our fun sensory learning experience. Miss Crystal and Miss Shae placed some butchers paper on the floor with some blue, pink, purple and white paint, we took all the clothes off our friend except for our nappies and encouraged them to feel and move around on the paper to paint. This learning experience was an extension to all the fun sensory activities our friends have been doing with Miss T’arn and Miss Shae over the last couple of weeks. It was also great for exploring curiosity, fine motor and communication with their other friends. Bentley was eager to do the activity, he was straight onto the paper and rolling and crawling around in it. Dorijan, Fletcher, Franka and Jordan at first were a little unsure but once Miss Crystal showed them it was okay by putting paint on herself they then built confidence to explore and start painting their legs. Our friends spent some time on this activity and then enjoyed a warm shower to clean off after, this too was great as we went from one sensory play to another.

After our super busy morning playing with paint and having a shower, before we knew it, it was lunch time. For lunch we enjoyed supercharged spaghetti bolognase with some fresh salad. Our friends LOVED lunch, again with our self feeding our friends explored the texture of the pasta and sauce in their hands before eating it up. After lunch we transitioned outside to enjoy some fresh air. Franka gravitated towards the doll and began to hold it and pat it, she would also rock the baby and say “shhh!”, such a beautiful way Franks shows her love and compassion to others while also engaging in role play. Fletcher and Jordan loved playing in the tunnel together, crawling through and giggling. This was a great as it demonstrated their ability to engage in play with one another and form a strong relationship with one another. It also is strengthening their gross motor skills as they move through it. Bentley enjoyed climbing on the little stair bridge, taking his time to climb over from one side to the other. Bentley showed off his ability to move and climb and building his strength in his legs to be able to get up and over. He spent some time doing this and had so much happiness as he did.

This afternoon we will enjoy some afternoon tea, organic pumpkin and choc chip cookies with a side of fresh fruit before heading back outside to engage in some free play with one another.

Thank you for a beautiful day friends!

Lots of Love,

Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xx