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Good Morning and Happy Tuesday to you all.

Today upon arrival of our friends Jordan, Fletcher, Franka and Bentley they were greeted with happy smiles and cuddles from Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani this morning. After a little play in Babies 2, Miss Shae arrived, we went into our classroom to start our day. Full of fun activities. We have planned lots of Fun, Cultural activities for NAIDOC Week!

For our group time today together, we sat down to sing, listen and clap along to nursery rhymes, finger puppets, and an array of different books allowing our friends to enhance their group collaborating skills and our focusing skills, Encouraging our friends to join in on group time everyday will enhance each child’s future learning. The children have really enjoyed having a small time in the day that we sit down together and read a story, sing some songs, and create a new way to transition into the next part of the day. It allows a small quiet moment together.

Today to continue with the NAIDOC week activities outside on the verandah the children had the opportunity to get involved with a NAIDOC sensory tray activity that Miss Hansi Set up for us to do with our friends in Babies two room, feeling the different textures of sand, bark, sticks, stones, and leaf’s. We also brought out our indigenous puzzles for the children to explore. These puzzles are of Australian animals and have Indigenous style paintings on them. Jordans first instinct was to grab the sand and attempt to taste it, smiling as we quickly direct his hand, as he continues to fill his other hand full of bark and clap so all the items in his hands would then proceed to splatter all over his clothing as he laughs with glee. Fletcher sat beside Miss Lais all hesitant until he was passed a twig to then feel and used it to bang on the drum next to him to hear the sound come from the bottom until he was happy enough to go venture off to play with other activities. Bentley during the experience decided to crawl into the middle of the sensory tray and cover himself with sand, bark and twigs and have a full body sensory play, firstly laying on his belly then roll over laughing as he lands on his back to then proceed to grab handfuls of sand and squish it in between his finger, repeating this until he expressed he wanted to be moved out of the tray to play with the naidoc puzzles. Franka Loved sitting beside us playing with the puzzles, trying to match the correct animal to its mould, turning the puzzle and once the puzzle was in its corresponding mould shout out “YAY” in fulfilment, after all the puzzles were complete franks found a bongo drum and hit the top of it so hard that she laughed when she heard the noise come out.Once our friends were completed with the activity they ventured off to find an activity before we headed inside to have our group time and our delicious lunch and rest time for our friends whom bed time is for.

This afternoon we will continue with our sensory bag paintings from yesterday where we used the Aboriginal Flag colours, Red, Yellow, and Black. We look forward to playing outside this afternoon if weather permits before heading to Babies two room to play with our friends until we are collected

We hope you have a happy and safe evening

Love Miss Tárn and Miss Shae