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Babies One Monday 13th January 2020

Good Morning Friends!!

What a magical start to our Monday!!

We welcomed our familiar friends Abel, Orion, Edward, Millie, Jesse, Bentley, Edward, Oliver & our very new friend Rosie!!

What a beautiful bunch of bubs we have in this room. We love our special moments we get to share with each and every single child.

Today we started our day in our beautiful new outdoor area playing with our walkers and the tunnel which so many of our children love. We had some wonderful time in our sandpit playing with the trucks and shovels and buckets.

Then we had some time inside dancing and singing to music and playing in our home corner with our baby dolls and soft food toys.

We had a lovely start to the week with all our beautiful babies and it was a great start to a new week.

Much Love

Miss Amanda & Miss Tania xxx