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We have had a great day in our Babies room today. We spent a lot of time outside doing activities that are good for our Gross Motor Development. The children had so much fun outside, exploring and climbing on all the climbing equipment that was set up. The children are so confident in their development, they have started to pull themselves up, climb, and walk. This week we wanted to focus on this as it has been very exciting for them all as they are beginning to do more movements with their bodies. They were so confident climbing around and over the equipment today. Presley was so excited as she began to climb over the climbing frame. She held onto the sides for support and watched her feet as she took steps to get across. Fletcher liked to stand on the beam and hold onto the box. He was holding on and bouncing up and down. He also enjoyed pushing the bikes around the yard. Jordan liked to crawl across the bridge, when he was confident on there he held onto the edge and pulled himself up into a standing position. Indiana and Chester had a play outside on the climbing equipment this morning before heading to Babies 2 for a play! The babies have really enjoyed the outdoor environment today and practicing their climbing and balancing on the climbing equipment.

♥ Thank you for a beautiful Monday! ♥

♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥