Good afternoon to all our lovely families,

Today in babies one we had a fantastic start to the week. We welcomed Oskar, Luna, Oliver, Olive, Peyton, Parker, and Charlie. while welcoming all our friends this morning we were having some free play inside. This allowed us to express our interest and emotions at the same time. We also encouraged each of our friends to learn how to share while having free play inside.

After expressing our interest inside it was time for morning tea but before having morning tea, we had to wash our hands and push the chair to the table. We all supported each other, and this allowed us to use our self-help skills. After having our delicious morning tea, we went outside to the small side yard. While outside we adventured to the jungle gym, slide, trucks, and trollies. Also, Miss Jess had a sensory activity for us. It was water play! Lots of fun washing the babies in the water and using the boats, wales ands cups to have some fun in the water.

This week we will continue to explore water play as it a calming material for children to express language, emotions, problem solving, motor and social skills. It also increases children ability to concentrate on the one activity which is repetitive of scooping, flashing, and pouring of the water.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess 😀