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Welcome to Babies One. This morning, Miss. Otavia and Miss. Lara welcomed Jordan, Fletcher, Presley, Franka, Indiana and Chester with lots of cuddles.

We started our day exploring outdoor experiences in the yard this morning. We engaged with some interesting activities before we go inside the room. Our babies love to share their mornings with our friends from babies two and three. Then we washed our hands to get ready for the morning tea.

After we enjoy our yummy morning tea, children had such a great time exploring the room and self-selecting toys of their interested. Indiana always enjoys looking at the books so much. She turned the pages by herself and looked at each page carefully. Franka loves walks around with the soft dolls and make they sleep. Fletcher and Jordan enjoyed the puzzles today trying to find the right shape for the right animal. Chester was interested in our group time where Miss Lais read “Farm tails” and “My first colours”.

This week we are doing the theme “Colours” as on Wednesday is our Wear Orange. We read a book with colours and showed them toys and objects that matched with. Children absolutely loved the experience, and this will help to stimulate them to be an active learner. It has been such an amazing day.

♥ Much Love, Miss Otavia and Miss Lara ♥