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Welcome to Babies One…We have had such a beautiful day in our room today. In the morning, the children started exploring the room then we went outside to play on the seesaw, obstacle course, bicycles, and some balloons from our Carnival on Friday. Oskar and Chester absolutely loved playing with the obstacle courses climbing on the bars and walking on the balancing beam. Franka enjoyed playing with balloons and shake it holding the tassel. Indiana also loved to engage with some challenging experiences. She climbed on the wooden steps confidently.

After morning tea, Miss Otavia set up inside the room with some cars and buses on the transport mat and some transport puzzles for the children to explore our planned activity for the week. Miss Milly sat down with them and read a book about transport and children enjoyed looking at the colourful vehicles. Franka enjoyed moving a car saying “na, na, na” on the transport mat. Chester and Indiana loved to play with the puzzles, they tried hard to put the right pieces together. Miss Otavia helped them to find the right spot. Oskar have spent a lot of time with the buses opening and closing the doors and moving it around the room. We also had fun singing and dancing “Row, row, row, your boat’ and playing with ball and music instruments.

In the afternoon, we all went outside to have more fun in the yard.

We hope everyone has a fun week.

With love Miss Otavia and Miss Milly