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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies one. Today we spent such a wonderful time with Olive, Parker, Charlie, Luna, Bella, Oliver, Oskar and Peyton. We welcomed all the babies in the morning and sung ‘’sang good morning’’ song as usual. Then we had some yummy morning tea to get some energy to start our day. we are so proud to see all our kids sitting at the table nicely and feed by themselves.

After morning tea, we enjoyed playing with some bubbles before the story time. Babies loved to pop them all saying ‘’bubbles’’, ‘’pop pop’’. After we settle down, Miss.Otavia read a story for our babies. They loved seeing all the animals, rivers and trees while we were reading. After the story time, we engaged with a Christmas group painting. We used big white papers, Christmas inspired colours and pool noodle pieces to do this beautiful art work.

Then we encourage children to have a free play time allowing them to enjoy their favourite activities and toys. Before the lunch time, we play with a big ice cube as our babies love sensory activities.

We had a such a beautiful day today…

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Otavia