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Good afternoon everyone

Welcome to babies one. Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly welcomed Peyton, Luna, Charlie, Olive, Oliver and parker in the morning with big warm cuddles. We had such an amazing Monday in babies one today. we started our day playing outside as it was nice and sunny outside. Children put their hats on and went outside to explore all the morning activities we set up outside. Playing in the sand pit, playing with the dolls and push the push cows were their favourite activities.

Then we had morning tea inside while everyone was sitting at the table so nicely. Some of our babies were so excited to use the spoon and feed by themselves nicely. We are so proud of you babies one. Miss.Hansani created a nice little sensory basket using recycling egg carton, sensory papers, sand, bark, flowers and indigenous music instruments. Children were so excited to take things out from the basket and have a look and feel the difference between each material. We will be creating more sensory baskets for our babies as they are really keen to explore new things at this age. This will also help them to improve their fine motor skills.

Miss.Lilly came up with an idea to do some aboriginal paintings. We provided them some cotton buds, yellow, red and black colour to do some dot paintings. All the children had their turn to do their art work freely while they were sitting at the table. Miss.Lilly demonstrated how to hold the cotton bud and make dots on the paper first and then children followed Miss.Lilly on their own way. It was so nice to see that children really enjoyed all the activities we set up for the day.

It’s Miss.Hansani’s first day in babies one as the lead educator. I’m so happy and excited to spend more time with my babies every day. All the children were settled in the room and getting used their new educator. We are always here whenever you want to talk to us about your child and I can’t wait to see all the parents and have a chat….

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly…

Looking forward for tomorrow….