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Good morning and Happy Monday to all of our friends Matilda, Shayaan, Zelia, Fletcher, Jordan and Franka. As we slowly arrived into Babies one room greeted by educator with lots of warm cuddles and smiles out on the verandah and we begin out Book Week festivities this morning combined with our friends in Babies two and Three, reading books that our friends brought in for us to read. Were going on a bear hunt brought in from Zelia all dressed up in her bear costume as our friends copy the moves needed to get through this wonderful hunt. And Matilda all dressed up in her sports tracksuit so we listened to an audio book called spot loves sport while we threw the big purple book around before we said goodbye to our friends in babies 2&3 and we headed inside our room and we began the nappy, morning tea, bottle, and bed routine and while some friends went down to sleep.

Today we enjoyed smaller group times as our friends slept at different times throughout the day. Fletcher and Matilda before our lunch outside read That’s not My tiger book, ad My Aussie dad book before singing open shut them, incy wincy spider and the wheels on the bus before our transition to hand washing and lunch. After Franka, Shayaan and Jordan awoke and had their bottoms changed thay also had the opportunity to have a group time. Inside on the mat together we read Over the rainbow and on the move book and on the farm book before transitioning to hand washing and their lunches.

Today  we have spent most of our day outside on the verandah enjoying our child led play, Enhancing our leg muscles standing up to play on the activity centres and on the A frames with Jordan, playing peek a boo with Fletcher as he pops his head around the corner with a large grin and sounding out “rah”, rolling the ball to and fro with Matilda, reading old mc Donald book with Zelia, Playing with the musical instruments with Shayyan, and building the wooden tower with Franka as she fills it to the top we celebrate shouting “hooray” as Franka throws her arms up to cheer. Inside while our friends were sleeping Miss Shae and Miss Jin enjoyed our one on one time with our friends who were awake , reading books, puzzles, building towers with our new coloured blocks, pushing the cars on the floor boards watching them glide soo fast they hit the doors and lots of cuddles. As today is the First day of book week our friends who were not yet sleeping had the opportunity to join in on a Storytime experience with our guest reader Miss Alice. Zelia, Shayaan and Jordan together with B2 and B3 listened to Miss Alice read a book, called Alice in wonderland, make lots of noise with clapping sticks and egg shakers, smell some rainbow flowers, pop some colourful bubbles and got up and danced to the music before bidding goodbye to Miss Alice and our friends before heading inside for their rest times, and to begin creating our own Babies One Book, using our imagination, hand eye coordination, gripping skills and enhancing our colour recognition each friends had the opportunity to create two pages of our room book that will be available to read in the room next week once we have all created our wonderful masterpieces.

As the afternoon sets in, we will enjoy some more outdoor play before moving indoors as it cools down.

We Hope you have a great evening and we can not wait to see you dressed up tomorrow

Love Miss Shae and Miss Jin