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Good afternoon families, I hope you all had a beautiful weekend with your families and we can’t wait to have an amazing week with your cherubs!

This morning as our friends Fletcher, Franka and Zelia arrived to kindy they were welcomed by Miss Shae, Miss Tárn and Miss Crystal in our babies room, greeting us with warm cuddles and a lot of smiles as we begin our fun filled day with loads of laughter and loving our hair for ‘Crazy Hair Day’ and getting ready for a fun day filled with Olympic art and acknowledging our special friendships with Babies Two and Babies Three for International Day of Friendship. Soon enough it was morning tea time and we all came together to enjoy it. We ate Scrumptious coconut banana split with some fresh fruit on the side.

After morning tea we engaged in some spontaneous play while also engaging in some fun art activities. Today inside the room Zelia, Franka and Fletcher enjoyed exploring the room, playing with the musical instruments, sensory wall and dolls. Fletcher pulling himself up against the sensory wall and engaging with the different sensory bags, he particularly enjoyed shaking the one with the colourful bells as it made an interesting sound. The sensory wall has been an interest of Fletchers as he is now beginning to walk and it provides him the opportunity to continue building strength with this milestone as well as enjoying playing with the different sounds and textures on the wall. Franka absolutely adores the dolls and role playing with them, so it was no surprise that she was instantly drawn to them this morning. Once she had picked out the dolls she wanted to play with she made her way to the lounge and became comfortable on it, rocking the baby. Franka also enjoys singing to the baby as part of her role play. She particularly enjoys singing ‘ABC’ to the dolls. Franka has such a caring and comforting nature and enjoys extending this to the dolls and the other children in the room. She enjoys her moments of solitude as she is engaging in play with the dolls. Meanwhile Zelia watched Miss Crystal with the maraca shaking it and listening to the noise it would make. Miss Crystal then handed the maraca to Zelia, saying ‘tah’ demonstrating turn taking and manners. She enjoyed shaking the maraca, carefully studying it trying to understand how it made sound. Today we also continued with our focus, the Olympics and International Day of Friendship. Both focuses involved creating some art pieces. The Olympic artwork involved the children using cups and the dedicated colours to create their own version of the Olympic rings. The children did a great job at lifting the cups out of the paint and pressing them on the paper. This artwork was great for building our arm muscles and exploring our creativity. The friendship artwork was a collaborative one we did with our friends in the other babies’ rooms, putting our own individual finger prints onto the tree and becoming one. This was great not only for collaborating with other children but also for engagement with other children. We will continue to do this tree all week so all our friends in Babies One is apart of our tree.

For lunch today we loved eating our sweet potato, lentil and spinach sausage rolls with some variety of vegetables in our salad bar. Our friends are becoming very confident in using their fine motor skills to self feed. They enjoy choosing what they eat while exploring different tastes and textures.

Before afternoon tea we will come together on the green mat and do a group time. We will say our acknowledgement to country before singing some of our favourite songs including, open shut them and tiny turtle. To the transition to afternoon tea we will sing Bee Bee Bumble Bee, going around the mat saying our names and continuing to learn and recognise both our own and our friends names before we washed out hands for our meal. For afternoon tea we will enjoy homemade salsa, smashed avo and pita crispies with some fresh fruit. As the afternoon sets in, we will enjoy some indoor/outdoor play, having opportunity to play with what we choose before all coming inside when the weather becomes cool.

Have a lovely afternoon!

Lots of love, Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xxx