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Good afternoon to all our families and welcome to another wonderful beginning of the week in babies one.

This morning our friends Fletcher, Zélia, Matilda, Thomas, Kyla and Jordan were happily greeted with warm embraces and kind greetings by Miss Shae and Miss Tatiane who settled us in for an activity filled day. As we wait for our lovely new babies one EDUCATOR Miss Narni to arrive, as we welcome her into our room and to the center at Riversdale early learning. As we head inside for nappy changes, hand washing, Morning tea and rest time for our friends who needed it.

Our group times today consisted of a lot of music and movement sing along’s ‘as we continue to encourage each child to mirror each move sung by educators and nursery rhymes, Hey Diddle Diddle, Baby Baluga and Old MacDonald. We read a book called “Heart full of Love, as we read each page we shook the book, to make the heart shimmer representing love. We individually shook before we transitioned to hand washing and mealtimes.

Today inside we explored the mirror looking at our reflections, exploring our happy and faces and emotions. Matilda, Jordan Fletcher and Kyla love engaging in this play experience.

Zélia explored and responded to her inside play environment by manipulating the Magnets around the board in the shape of a tree.

Thomas listened to Miss Narni reading a story as becomes familiar with one then more Educators.

The children had fun playing with the baby and doing their best to vocalise the word Baby using their verbal communication skills. Kyla explore The Baby’s arms and feet with curiosity and concentration.

Outside our friends explored their physical capabilities climbing over the wooden bridge and pushing and pulling the walker equipment

Today using intentional, educators sang the song “Sing a Rainbow” to encourage colour exploration and identification

Our friends all followed their own individual sleep routines as best as they could! We endeavor to follow each child’s home routine in whatever way we can

This afternoon we will continue playing outside and engaging in more child led play. When it cools down, we will then combine in babies two room with all of our friends before getting collected for the evening

We hope you enjoy your evening and we can’t wait to see you all tomorrow

♥♥ Miss Shae and Miss Narni ♥♥