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♥Good afternoon to all our wonderful families!  And Happy Monday♥

This morning our friends Zelia and Jordan were welcomed by Miss Shae and Miss Tatiane inside our Babies one room with lots of cuddles and happy faces while been happily greeted and welcomed inside for another Fantastic week filled of  laughter, cuddles, creative art and our most favourite thing FUN!. As our friends from B2& B3 head next door we began our morning routines and for our friends whom need their rest headed off to bed while our friends who were awake headed outside onto the verandah with our friends from babies two until our morning tea arrived and we began our transitions to hand washing and filled up on our yummy morning tea

Today to commemorate Daffodil day together we sat at the table and decorated a blank box. Using our gripping skills, hand eye coordination, team work, and enhancing our senses we firstly got our hands covered in blue and yellow paint as Jordan squishes his fingers feeling the paint move through his fingers expressing joy and happiness as the paint drips onto the table and he began patting the box watching as his hand comes off revealing a colorful hand print on the paper as he looks at Miss Shae with a large smile before rubbing his hands all over the box covering up the hand print creating his masterpiece contribution to the box. Zelia at the beginning was quite hesitant with the activity but once watching Jordan she was excited to join in. as Miss Jin places yellow paint into her left hand and blue into Zeila’s right hand as she claps her hands together and then with her pointer fingers dragged the paint that was on the box around in circles before  pushing the box leaving large blobs of paint over the box before expressing that she has had enough of painting and was cleaned up to venture off into the room before getting collected and heading home and Jordan and Miss Shae combined with our friends in Babies two to play with Olive, Loki, Chester, Indiana, Miss Hansi and Miss Tatiane for the remainder of the day.

Outside in their yard Miss Tatiane set up an amazing sensory tray, with shaving foam mixed with yellow food colouring for the children to mix together, Everyone had so much fun touching and feeling the texture of the shaving foam. They observed the way it disappears with the time. We all ended up getting shaving foam everywhere. That was such a great sensory experience before we got cleaned up and headed inside for  our transitions to lunch, bottles and rest time.

As the afternoon sets in, we will hopefully enjoy some more outdoor play before transitioning inside for the evening this afternoon the children will have opportunity to engage in spontaneous play.

We hope you have a wonderful evening

Love Miss Shae and Miss Jin 😊