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We have had such a beautiful day in our babies room today! The children enjoyed lots of fun activities indoors and outdoors today. Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia set up a fun Sensory Tray for the children to explore this morning for “Ocean Day.” We filled the tray with different textures of blue materials and Sea Animals for the children to explore and feel. Presley, Fletcher, Jordan, and Indiana enjoyed scrunching and breaking up the paper. Our babies really enjoy doing lots of sensory activities and making lots of mess! Lots of mess means lots of fun! Chester preferred to read a book to himself outside today. He was happy sitting and flicking through the pages and talking to himself.

Inside Franka was happy playing with the soft babies and rocking Koalas as she sang and danced to herself. The tune she was singing sounded a lot like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. So we decided to play the song in the room. She was happy singing along and dancing to the music as she played. The children have been happy exploring and playing side by side “parallel play.” Presley and Indiana are always waving and smiling at us when we are across the room and checking on their friends when they are upset.

I hope you all have a lovely meeting!

Don’t forget we have our meetings this afternoon to those who booked in a time with me!!

So sorry there is no photos today! Having technical issues and they wont upload. I will keep trying and update the post if I can get them to work!

Thank you!

♥ Much Love Always, Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia ♥