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Good Afternoon Lovely families,

Today we welcomed Oliver, Olive, Parker, Oskar, and Luna to Babies One. While waiting for our friends to arrive we explored inside and played with some puzzles, puppets, home corner and the dolls. We enjoyed playing with our friends as they arrived. One everyone arrived it was time for morning tea. Miss Hansani started to help us sing Everybody Help Pack Away which we love and Bee Bee Bumble Bee to help us wash our hands. These songs encourage us to participate in packing away and help us transition from one activity to another.

After filling our tummies up on some delicious morning tea, it was time to adventure off inside to explore the dress ups, book corner and soft blocks. While exploring inside we also complete a Christmas Collage with all our friends. We used glitter, coloured paper in different shapes and tinsel. Miss Jess helped kids to put some glue on the paper and sat with the kids until they finish their craft in their own way.

Lunch time… we are so proud of you babies one. You sit at the table so nicely. Well done on developing your self-help skills. After we enjoyed the lunch, we washed our hands singing ‘This is the way we wash our hands’. In the afternoon we will be exploring some more indoor activities as we cannot go outside today.

We had such a beautiful day….

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess 😊