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Good Morning Babies One Friends

This morning as our friends Zelia, Jordan, Franka arrived to kindy as well as our new friend Matilda (whom we welcome to the  Riversdale family, we cannot wait to follow alongside you as we watch you flourish and grow within the next chapter of your life),. Our friends were welcomed in with a lot of cuddles, and warm welcoming greetings and lots of music and movement to musical instruments and music with Miss Shae, Miss Maddie and Miss Otavia and our friends from B2 and B3 in the babies two room.  our morning progressed and our friends were getting ready to split up and we headed to our room to play with the large animals, rocks and leaves and our own musical instruments before we began our own individual routines and activities together.

Today as it has been a very sunny day we have spent most of our morning play time outside on the verandah, climbing through tunnels, blowing bubbles, enhancing our leg muscles while standing up to play on the activity centres and pushing the walkers from one end of the fence to the other, as well as utilising the bridges and mountains to crawl and walk over and through each different structure expressing our triumph with clapping our hands and shouting. As the wind picked up we headed Inside to extended on our sand play activity from Friday together at the table Jordan, Franka and Matilda had the opportunity to play with cars and a table covered with sand, encouraging each child to make different patterns with the different sized wheels. Jordan did not want to use the cars instead he filled his fists full of sand then proceeding to hit the table as the sand exploded from his hands giggling with Miss Shae as the sand and his hands make a big bang. Matilda expressed enjoyment as we continue to play in the sand but did not opt for the cars instead, she ventured off to find the coloured rings and brought them back to the table as matilda continued banging them on the table we watched the sand jump up off the table and onto the floor before grabbing her arm and pushing the sand off the table onto the floor where she sat on top of the sand kicking her legs. Franka Loved the cars in the sand rolling the wooden car to Miss Shae to then have the car returned smiling as she continues to do this a few more times. As Matilda, Jordan and Franka were fulfilled with the activity they ventured off to explore the room and play with stacking blocks, the abacus, musical instruments, the fidget spinners on the window, puzzles, cars, and balls before it was time to clean up and continue our own individual routines.

Our group time today consisted of us together reciting the welcome to country encouraging our friends to join in on the actions and movements that help us to connect and give thanks. After the acknowledgment we Miss Lais Sang to us a Brazilian song about a cat, as Matilda and Franka clap along side happily that miss Lais sang it again. After Miss Las sang the song Miss Shae bought out the turtle finger puppets, singing turtle Tim and five green turtles as Jordan pulls them off each finger laughing and smiling. And sung itsy bitsy spider, galumph and old MacDonald had a farm before we sung bee bee and washed our hands for lunch.

For our transitions to mealtimes today we sung Bee Bee Bumble Bee to continue with our learning and recognition of not only our own names but our body parts too.

As the afternoon sets in, we will enjoy some indoor/outdoor play, having opportunity to play with what we choose before all coming inside when the weather becomes cool.

We believe children’s immersion in their play illustrates how play enables them to simply enjoy being,

i hope you enjoy your evening

Love Miss Shae