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Good afternoon to all our beautiful families, we hope you have all had a wonderful Thursday! This morning Miss Shae and Miss Crystal welcomed Bentley, Oliver, Larsson, Grayson, Zelia, Dorijan and Jordan. Our morning started off with all our friends going down for their morning sleeps and enjoying some morning tea.

Group time today was a little different, instead of sitting down as a group and reading stories or singing songs we thought it would be fun to move around and enhance our gross motor skills as we chased the bubbles around. All our friends had come together and absolutely loved engaging with the bubbles and reaching out to pop them or waiting for them to land on the ground and then quickly crawling or walking over to them to pop!
We have had such an awesome day today, each child enjoyed engaging in play either on their own or with other children as they explored both their indoor and outdoor environment. Being such a beautiful and warm day, we have had the doors open majority of the day and we have playing outside for the most part. We continued with creating our Father’s Day gifts, which has involved our friends painting and exploring their senses to create something special for their loved ones. Although there was the option to paint using paintbrushes all of our friends enjoyed having Miss Crystal place the paint on their gift and them creating their masterpiece with their hands. We are very excited for you all to see their special gifts! Between each friend creating their Father’s Day gifts there was lots we loved playing and engaging with. Inside Larsson and Grayson really enjoyed playing with the bell musical instrument, they sat together, and each took turns hitting it and making some music. Jordan and Bentley had found our little tunnel, and both enjoyed taking turns going through it then sitting up in it and laughing as Miss Crystal would play peek a boo with them. Oliver has continued exploring different areas where he can stand and climb. Outside we have a small bridge with steps, Oliver had really taken an interest to this space and would take him time crawling over it and then sitting up watching his friends playing around him. Dorijan and Zelia had found our cube toy with shapes cut out on the side of it, Dorijan had first began playing with it really concentrating on trying to fit the shapes in the side, Zelia then saw what he was doing and walked over and sat with him and they both seemed to attempt putting shapes in the cube.

We hope you all enjoy your afternoon!
Lots of love,
Miss Crystal and Miss Shae xx

Please note, tomorrow afternoon Friday 3rd September, 4pm-5pm is our Father’s Day Sport Afternoon. If you would like to attend and are yet to RSVP please do so this afternoon at the reception desk!