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Good afternoon all lovely families,

Today we welcomed Cleo, Winston, Oskar, Daris, Olive, Peyton, Olivia, and Parker. This morning while waiting for our friends we played in the small side yard as we were playing, we explored the jungle gym, read some books, and played with some blocks.

After exploring outside it was time for some morning tea so we washed our hands and pushed the chairs to the table. We sat down and continued to practice holding a spoon and eating food with it. very messy but we all had a go. After morning tea, we went outside to explore the big babies’ yard. It was so much fun. We adventured into the sand pit and played with some 3D shapes and played with our friends from babies 2 & 3. We enjoyed seeing our friends! While adventuring outside Miss Jess had some activities setup inside for Naidoc week. We continued to do nature craft, dot painting and handprints.

After exploring outside we came inside to have some lunch. it was very yummy, and our tummies were full after. We will continue to complete some Naidoc craft for this afternoon and explore the Babies one yard.

All children were engaged with the activities today and enjoyed exploring the big yard as there was lots for them to do. All children participated in the activities and will continue for Naidoc week. Today as been a wonderful Thursday and everyone has also had a wonderful day.

Much love Miss Jess and Miss Otavia