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Today in Babies One, we welcomed Jordan, Grayson, Bentley, Oliver, Dorijan, and Zelia. Today we wanted to continue with our Gross Motor Development. Our children had their morning naps before waking and enjoying a yummy morning tea together. As it is very rare, we have all our bubs up at one time we thought we’d go on a little adventure to the big yard. This was great for the children to have more space to move around and a different environment to explore. Zelia, Dorijan and Grayson enjoyed the freedom to move around in a big space. Grayson, Bentley, and Jordan could hear all the cars going past and were at the fence watching, very intrigued. We set up a nice mat in the shaded area of the yard with some toys and books for the children and little bubs. Oliver was rolling around on the mat and enjoyed looking through books with Miss Jess. Oliver has started to coo and try to talk to us when he is playing and having those interactions. Bentley was so happy to be in another environment, he couldn’t stop laughing. As we were venturing to the other yard Miss T’arn began to sing “we’re going on a bear hunt” and Bentley and Jordan were laughing. After a beautiful morning in the outdoor space, we made our way back to the room where music was playing for the children to dance too while we got ready for lunch. We also have the climbing equipment set up inside still, the children enjoy climbing over the bridge, pulling themselves up onto their feet and holding onto the side.

This afternoon we hope to continue to explore the yard and take the climbing equipment outside for all our friends to enjoy. We also hope to pop some bubbles, read some stories and sight see some animals this afternoon.

I’ve printed out the photos from today and put them out on top of the lockers for you all to have a look at pick up! Thank you!!

Much love Miss T’arn and Miss Jess xoxo