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Good Morning to you all and Happy Thursday

This morning our friends Oliver, Grayson, Zelia, Jordan, Bentley, Dorijan and Larsson were welcomed with warm cuddles and a ‘good morning’ greeting by Miss Hansani and Miss Mel in the babies two room We loved playing in the babies two room with our friends from both babies two and babies three until Miss Lauren arrived and we ventured off into our room when Miss Shade arrived and we began our morning routines. And played outside on the verandah before morning tea arrived

Today outside on the verandah we had the opportunity to get our hands wet and messy thanks to Miss Thais in Toddlers one room, before our friends in Toddlers One room removed the dinosaurs out of the frozen ice Zelia, Dorijan, Oliver, Larsson and Grayson had the opportunity to dig for dinosaurs that were frozen in a large tray of ice. Using an array of different hammers, shovels and rakes together as a team using our gripping skills we chipped away at the ice attempting to remove the dinosaurs. As the actitivty continued and we gave up on the utensils Dorijan walked up to the other side of the tray and attempted to crush the ice with his hand, patting away at the ice he realised that there was a puddle of water and proceeded to move his hand across to that and as hard as he could he patted the water and laughed as the water splashed right back into his face. As soon as Dorijan did this all of his friends came over to his side of the tray and started to pat the tray as Miss Shae and Miss Lauren watch everyone get covered in water laughing along side everyone until we were all saturated in water and miss Thais came to collect the activity so we could get dry and continue on playing with the activity centres threading the beads from one side to the other, enhancing our upper body strength and core muscles climbing up, down and across the beams, swaying too and fro on the see saw and dancing to music on the boom box and popping bubbles with miss Lauren. This Morning we were so lucky to receive a new toy thanks to Miss Emma and Miss Kylie, inside today ad a group we sat around the large stacking toy to take in turns to place each toggle on top of each other celebrating when we all successfully transferred a toggle from the ground to the stand before moving away to watch Larsson, Zelia, Dorijan, Bentley, Jordan and Grayson continue this activity together until each child moved on to another activity before it was time to pack away for our group time, lunch and rest times for our friend who need it.

As the afternoon sets in, we will enjoy some more outdoor play before moving indoors as it cools down

We hope you have a great evening and look forward to seeing again soon

Love Miss Shae and Miss Lauren